Why do NLP?

It’s fast. Through NLP, you can quickly transform yourself, sometimes in minutes, from the person who is living in the problem to the person you have always dreamed of being.

It’s easy. For the most part, the process feels effortless, because you are in flow during the session and not struggling to use willpower.

It’s effective. You will experience the change you desire and gain greater satisfaction in your life.

NLP can be used to overcome:

Low Self Esteem
Excess weight–forever

Or help you attract:

More money
Greater happiness
Better relationships
Powerful Confidence

The NLP process 

Neurolinguistic repatterning is the use of language (conversation, hypnotic suggestion, reading and writing) to interrupt old, unproductive habits of thought and instill productive, empowering new habits of thought and action. Some say that NLP contains many of the most accessible, positive and useful aspects of modern psychology.

First, you will need to decide where you want to go and the outcome you want to achieve. I can help you define and refine these goals.

Next, I will lead you through to the change that you have requested, helping you enhance your sensory acuity and develop greater flexibility of behavior, as you continuously calibrate toward your desired results and take action consistent with your desired outcome. I will determine the most direct and peaceful pathway to the new life experiences and results you desire.

Occasionally I may use hypnosis or a light conversational trance state to help you remove critical factors and accept suggestion, so you can release limiting negative emotions and accept productive, empowering suggestions.

How much time will it take? It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several sessions. It all depends on where you are in your story of change and where you want to be in your story of success.

How much effort will it take? You must desire change. You must really want what you want. And there are techniques for clarifying wanting what you want. That’s one of the first things I offer.

Will it change my personality? No. It will evolve your limiting beliefs, such as ‘I’ll never be able to do that’ or ‘I don’t have enough money,’ to productive success beliefs in a matter of moments.

Will it change my relationships? If you want your relationships to improve, they will improve. If you want your relationships to end, these techniques will allow for a graceful and smooth transition for you.

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One-on-one sessions

Neurolinguistic repatterning, Coaching, and Hypnosis 
Sessions are approximately 1 hour

Prices are proposed following initial consult, based upon a specifically tailored strategy for your unique needs 

Via Skype, telephone or in person (if it is convenient and cost-effective for you)
Costs based on number of sessions purchased

 Group seminars

Neurolinguistic repatterning, Coaching, and Hypnosis 
Costs based on number of participants

What sessions are like

-       We begin with a preliminary discussion of your problem and what you would like to be experiencing instead.

-       Then we devote some time to identifying the root cause of the problem, which is usually a significant emotional event in your past (your unconscious mind will direct us to the appropriate event or events).

–       I then lead you through the process to release it, after which we install productive and positive thought habits and strategies to allow you to quite quickly/instantly feel better and begin to experience the life you want.