I struggled with depression my whole adult life. But after a few sessions with Dawn Tarter doing NLP, I found actual relief from many of the self-limiting emotions like guilt and shame that seemed to come out of nowhere and wreak havoc with my daily life. I even went through a difficult time of unemployment feeling positive and upbeat, and soon found work! Working with Dawn has helped me feel positive and hopeful from Day 1.
Cameron S., Illinois

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I have shown a pattern of continued self-doubt and longing for validation outside of myself. I would typically fail at feeling the joy or ownership of my successes or even the journeys I undertook in life. Dawn’s ability to decipher my words as we talked thru my thoughts was critical in my success. She would push went needed to go back inside and answer my own questions. She was soft handed when need be but knew when I had more to safely give. I feel as though my future has taken a whole new path. I believe in myself and in what I have to offer in this life. The things in this life; My goals and aspirations, are mine for the taking. I never realized this until after Dawn’s guidance. I am enjoying my life and experiences in a way I never have. I feel like my life is mine for the first time in 41 years.
Amanda S., Ohio

Dawn helped me move from a place of “wanting” to a place of “deserving.” it was a mental shift that made all the difference in the world—and one that I could never have made on my own. I always wanted to be happier, have a better life, have healthier relationships and be more grounded. Yet, I didn’t know how to get those things or even where to start. Dawn did. Through a series of exercises, she helped me not only identify the person I wanted to be, but also make the unconscious shifts necessary to achieve the new vision of myself. I started my journey like many people do–seeing limitations, rather than opportunities and finding myself living a life based on others’ expectations and perceptions, rather than pursuing a life that was genuinely of my own making. Dawn has helped me finally embrace the person I was truly meant to be. Contentment with one’s life can, in many ways, be a trap. It deludes us into thinking that this is all there is. And it makes us feel guilty for wanting more. Dawn helped me realize that we are all here to live our best lives and to be as fulfilled as possible. More importantly, she gave me the tools to chart a new course. She helped me get out of my own way. I am now living a life that, for years, I never thought possible. Dawn’s techniques helped me release old negative mental tapes and replace them with new tapes grounded in the wondrous world of unlimited thinking. And that changed everything. I shifted from thinking (and saying) “I could never do X” to “there is no reason I cannot do X.” Once I made that transition, all sorts of things fell into place. I moved. I pursued new and exciting relationships. I took risks. I built my business. I freed myself to be me. The power of Dawn’s NLP techniques lies in their subtlety. And also in the speed with which they take effect. Dawn has helped me honor who I have been—and celebrate the person I am becoming. She has coached me to become my staunchest advocate. And she has freed me to now be the hero of my own story. No one wants the exact same thing. Our desires, ambitions and objectives are all unique and deeply personal. Dawn “meets you where you are” and helps you unlock the secret to living your best life—however you define it. She provides a warm and trusting environment, with no judgment. For me, she was an expert guide on the ride of my life!
H.B.B., California

I have attempted to quit smoking several times with little success. I have many times “worked” at quitting smoking and eventually just gave in to the addiction. These techniques actually made it very simple and natural to just listen and change my emotions. Dawn is a very trustworthy person. I was very comfortable just letting her lead me thru the experience. She is calming and totally non critical or judgmental. I didn’t have to push, or criticize myself thru the process. I just eased into a full realization that I didn’t want to smoke anymore. I cut down the cigarettes immediately with no struggle and am now cigarette free. The joy of the program was the immediate calm and peace I felt after each session. The peacefulness lasted. It was a wonderful feeling to realize I didn’t have to fight myself, but to just give in to the desire that was already in me. Trust Dawn! She’s a very warm and caring and quite skillful in the process. I believe she will take her time and apply her skills to each individual case on a personal level. Sherda W., Ohio

Things have definitely shifted for me since our session. A weight has lifted, and something very deeply wounded in me has begun to heal. Such a gift!!!
Martha W., Wisconsin

Thank you, Dawn, for the miraculous session on Wednesday. I am so grateful to you for offering this healing practice so generously. It has truly made a difference in my life. I find that when my mind wants to wander back to the old patterns. I am quickly met with a mellow light and a gentle reminder that it was because I had that experience in my past that I have made it my life’s purpose to be loving and compassionate to others. I no longer have the feelings of deep angst. I only feel gratitude for the lessons it taught me. This is quite extraordinary, and I believe every day it is making me stronger and freer to live out my True Self.
Anna Lin T., B.C., Canada

I have had the absolute pleasure to be able to work closely with Dawn.  An enthusiastic, trustworthy and tenacious coach.  Calm and relaxed in her manner.  Dawn, your coaching has been instrumental in helping me to confront and deal with a difficult issue.I am very pleased to say that I am completely happy with the paths that I have chosen consequent to your coaching.  Without a doubt at all I feel like a new and revitalized person!! I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone looking for a coach who is understanding, accommodating and takes the time to tailor solutions to YOU.
Anusha B., New Zealand