What is NLP?
Neurolinguistic repatterning or NLP is based on neurological and biological research that shows how our thoughts actually create physiological changes; that limiting and negative thoughts about ‘not being able to’ and ‘can’t’ have a negative impact on us physically as well as emotionally. The first breakthrough of NLP research came in identifying the source of those self-limiting thoughts: the unconscious mind.It is our unconscious mind – not our conscious mind – that controls most of our reactions and emotions. The same way that your unconscious mind tells your body to pull your hand away from fire, it also sets off old fears and emotional reactions to situations we encounter every day – even though those feelings may be totally out of sync with current events. The recurrence of automatic thoughts and reactions – such as fear, guilt, shame, anger and depression – are triggered at such a deep level in our brains that we don’t even realize it’s happening. Thus the painful, limiting thoughts and feelings continue without us knowing how to stop them.

The second breakthrough of NLP was figuring out how to communicate with the unconscious mind. The process for changing patterns in our unconscious mind is completely different from just changing what we think through force of “willpower.” The conscious mind and the unconscious mind are very different.

Many liken this difference to software vs. hardware in a computer. Software is easy to read and modify; if you change the code, it will act differently. Hardware, on the other hand, like the unconscious mind, is hard-wired to perform certain functions the same way over and over again. The hard-wiring happens at a very early age, and the reactions tend to be of the ‘fight or flight’ variety. If your unconscious mind receives an instruction that it doesn’t understand, it just ignores it. Changing hardware is a much different process than changing software. So it is with the unconscious mind.

Through neurolinguistic repatterning, you and I communicate directly with your unconscious mind, to unlock and eliminate the unconscious negative thoughts and feelings that are holding you back, and to empower you to realize your full potential in whatever area you want. You can change your circumstances by changing these unconscious thoughts. Finally, you can be who you were meant to be, feeling free and liberated from the past, the wounds and the rules.

Is NLP right for you?

Do you feel like something inside is holding you back? Have you tried everything to break the negative fears and emotions that prevent you from living your life to its fullest – but nothing seems to work? I’ve been there. I’ve gone through a wrenching divorce, suffered chronic depression, and felt lost in my career. I felt sad, confused, frustrated and unfulfilled. Everything I tried worked a little, but not enough.

Then I discovered NLP – Neurolinguistic repatterning. After just a little while, I started feeling better and noticing positive changes in my life. I was amazed at my own recovery, and believed in it so strongly that I became a certified practitioner. Now I want to help you.

 Ask yourself these questions:

Have you tried to overcome depression, or body pain, or even allergies – with little or no success?

Do you catch yourself saying negative or hurtful things to yourself, even when you don’t want to?

Look at your life. Are you living the life you desire? Is what you want showing up? Do you want to know that you have the power to create the life you desire, right here, right now?

Do you attract the things you want in life: money, love, success, happiness?

NLP is the appropriate tool for any issue: feeling stuck, overweight, tired, bored, sad, sick, or lonely. NLP lets you be who you want to be, free and liberated from the past, the wounds, the rules. You can change your circumstances through your thoughts. I can show you how.

 NLP techniques are particularly useful in:

-       Setting clear goals and defining realistic strategies
-       Helping you to gain greater satisfaction in your life
-       Understanding and reducing stress and conflict
-       Improving relationships and performance
-       Enhancing your skills
-       Improving your effectiveness, productivity and profitability
-       Attracting greater wealth into your life

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