Now Year’s Resolutions

By now most of you have given up on your New Year’s Resolutions before reaching your desired outcome. Why? Because you don’t have time to make a good meal before you have to get the kids to their game, or you hurt your knee and just don’t have the energy to start that project, or your dad died and you’ve just been so stressed you can’t quit caffeine now. We’ve all been there. It’s a struggle. The universe is not cooperating with your intentions by paving a smooth path for you. But the real reason is……wait for it…. you’re going to like it!…

Habits of thought. Yes! Habits of thought control around 99% of all of your behavior. If your habits of thought support your desired outcome, then you’re among those who are already succeeding with your goals for the year.

But if you’re not in that group, and you’ve already just about given up, don’t let go just yet. The pathway to your happier, healthier and wealthier life is right there in front of you, waiting for you to take the next step.

And even if you are already succeeding, and yay for you! you will improve your results and enhance your journey of success and happiness by developing and refining your habits of thought.

Here’s how you do it: think the thoughts that successful people think.

Easy for me to write, right?

Here are some of the habits of successful people:

Successful people recognize that if they are not achieving their goals, if they are not already experiencing their desired outcome, they are being limited by false, unproductive unconscious beliefs that no longer serve them, and they do whatever it takes to change what doesn’t work to what does work. Successful people change how they think and feel.

1. Successful people replace their negative self- talk with positive self-talk.

2. Successful people choose to believe that they deserve success.

Let’s try an experiment. Let’s find out what you unconsciously believe about success.

Right now, I want you to say and complete this phrase to yourself:

“I don’t deserve success because…” (wait 1 second and stop.) The very first thought that came to you is your self-talk. What you said to yourself comes from your habits of thought.

I’d like you to take a moment and notice whether that thought was positive or negative.

Now, I want you to say and complete this phrase to yourself:

“I deserve success because…” (wait 1 second and Stop). Again, the first thought that came to you is your self-talk, and this talk reflects your habits of thought.

Did it feel positive or negative?

3. Successful people do the important things FIRST. You have to make your goal the priority. Everyone thinks they’re too busy. Remember that Oprah, Warren Buffet, Ryan Seacrest, and Richard Branson all have the same 24 hours in a day that you do. So, do what they do. Start your big task or project at the beginning of the day. Leave your emails to later in the day, or better yet, delegate your routine business and junk mail to someone else.

The wording of your resolution, your unique self-talk, is really important to your success. For example: instead of saying “I want to lose 12 pounds this year,” consider framing that goal this way: “I will eat healthier this year.” Instead of focusing on your desired outcome, your resolution focuses on daily or even hourly habits, and still leaves room for your success even if you don’t eat perfectly all the time. When your resolution is “I will eat healthier this year,” instead of letting the feeling of success be dictated by the scale, you feel the reward of success every time you make the choice to eat healthier food.

So now that you know what thoughts will lead to your success, how to make them your habits? Come on, all of those daily affirmations (eye roll) and positive thinking platitudes (double eye roll) and memes (one more eye roll with a smirk) don’t really work, do they. You’ve tried them before and you always go back to the same results. Right?

Right here I want to write about exactly how habits develop in your mind, but I’ll leave the super-interesting discussion about the physiology of habits of thought to a later post.

So let me jump to this statement: There are all sorts of techniques any of us can do at any time for replacing old unproductive habits with new habits of thought.

You absolutely establish new habits of thought, i.e. repattern your mind, by adopting more productive, encouraging, successful thoughts and self-talk.

Some people accelerate effective changes for their success through meditation, hypnotherapy or NLP. I’ve done all of them for myself with great results.

The key is to use a technique and consistently use language that feels and sounds good to you, that uplifts you, that feels encouraging to you.

And when you’re in that uplifted encouraged state of mind, research shows that you are significantly more resourceful, meaning that you have thoughts and insights about how to resolve that problem of eating a healthy dinner and getting the kids to the game on time.

So how about taking your first step to your desired results by changing your thought of New Year’s Resolutions to Now Year’s Resolutions. By changing one thought, from eye roll on affirmations, to “Maybe I could start my day with the uplifting and positive Pointer Sisters’ I’m So Excited,” (one of my personal faves), you are on the path to success now, to your Now Year’s Resolutions!

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  1. What an interesting and insightful article, Dawn. I particularly liked the exercise and the reframing of previously unattainable wishes to achievable daily habits. Now is indeed the time!

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