Who’s the Driver?

I think that life is many journeys. I like to have fun along the way, and I like the idea that I can have as many journeys as I desire. I like the idea that I can have whatever kind of journey I want, and the next journey can be something very different from the one I’m on now. I like the idea that it’s all up to me.


I like the feeling of arriving at my destination, even though I actually spend more time journeying than arriving.  I like that I get to choose the speed, the amenities and even the route for each journey. I have to admit that too many times I’ve taken the economy class; the slow boat to China and beyond. I get sea sick, and with all of the rough seas I’ve explored, it hasn’t been pleasant. I didn’t think I had choices about how to experience my journeys. I just accepted the option that I saw others take. So, I’ve often traveled too slowly, too uncomfortably and too indirectly. Now I want to get where I’m going safely and comfortably and quickly.  Now I know I could have chosen first class luxury with Concorde speed. Now I know that it would have cost me the same as the fare on the slow boat, and it would have been nice to have a driver who handled the hassles of the transportation while I focused on the pleasures along the way and the fun I would have at the destination.


Some people choose a slower pace for their journey and they choose to drive themselves. Maybe they want to savor their experiences; and maybe it gives them a sense of control to do it all on their own. Maybe they like the possibility that they will get lost along the way. It could be exciting.


Coaching is for people who want to be sure they reach their destination at the speed and comfort level they choose. A good coach is like a taxi driver, a tour bus driver, a limo driver, a bus driver and even an airline pilot. I hire a coach who acknowledges my destination and my desired mode of transportation, and safely transports me from here to there at the pace I have requested. A good coach doesn’t decide where you’re going; your coach just helps you to arrive at the speed and with the comfort level you choose. A coach can map and navigate your journey or your coach will follow the course you’ve set and the map you’ve created. It’s up to you.


I am choosing NLP coaching for my journey right now. I’m feeling stuck in a rut. Even though I know where I want to be and know the NLP techniques to accomplish such a transition for others, I want skilled coaching in not only getting out of the rut but moving as quickly as possible to where I want to be. I tell my coach how I want my journey: the long way, the short cut, the economy class, or first class, and they devote themselves to deliver me to my destination according to my preferences. I can sit back and enjoy the journey while knowing that my coach will safely transport me exactly where I want to go.

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