Sometimes You Just Have to Say…

Even though I credit NLP with all of the significant improvements in my life in the past 3 years: overcoming depression, eliminating allergies, recovering fitness, and attracting healthy relationships, and even though the changes were pretty quick and dramatic, I felt like I was swimming against the tide, going against the flow. Let me put it this way: I didn’t feel like I was blessed during this time.

A few months ago, I read Pam Grout’s book E2 in which she sets forth the universal principles and applications of Law of Attraction and presents 10 little easy exercises to demonstrate “proof” that the Field of Potential works for every single one of us, just like gravity does. With reservation I decided to do the first exercise. I was worried, though. What if by doing this exercise I absolutely prove that the universe is not on my side?

I tried the first couple of exercises in February 2014. I noticed no unique manifestations. I proved to myself that the Field of Potential, the universe, doesn’t work in my favor. I was disappointed but not surprised.

The purpose of a belief is to find evidence of its truth. I believed it wasn’t going to work for me and it didn’t.

I have a dear friend who has been encouraging me to just allow the universe to work in support of my desires. That requires me to suspend my belief that the universe doesn’t give me what I want. That isn’t easy. I have a lifetime of habits committed to feeling like I have to struggle.

So, today, feeling frustrated and still stuck in my rut, I re-read the first few chapters in E2. I thought, what the heck. It won’t hurt to set aside my experience and belief, just for purposes of this little experiment. I asked the universe for a blessing. You know what? The miracle came within a few hours as the perfect new client.

Maybe you’re thinking: Yeah, right. Well, a new client isn’t exactly a miracle, now is it. But it is for me, because asking for something to happen within 48 hours and then watching it happen within that time frame is absolutely something out of the ordinary for me. That’s the proof. The miracle is that I manifested something I wasn’t expecting.

Actually the proof, the miracle, is the result of both exercises together. I created my miracle with each result. You see, the universe responds to your strongest belief on any given subject. If you, deep down inside, think that you have to struggle for everything, like I do, and that you are frequently disappointed, like I am, then you will receive evidence of disappointment and struggle. So I powerfully manifested that result time and again. If you release that negative belief and allow yourself to trust that the universe will provide you with evidence of your positive outcome, it will provide you with evidence of your prosperity, just as quickly as it did for me. You are proving your power of manifestation either way.

To quote the greatest life coach of my generation, Miles, as he gives his sage advice to Joel Goodson: “Every now and then say, ‘What the fuck!’ ‘What the fuck!’ gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future.”

Go ahead. Call for a miracle.

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