About Dawn

As a law student many years ago, I suddenly found myself separated and going through divorce. I found myself in unwanted turmoil, financial chaos and emotional upheaval. The worst feeling was the sense that someone else hijacked my life, dismantling it, assuming control over my destiny, leaving me lost and unsure of where to turn and who to trust.


After years of trying different techniques to find the solution I needed, I finally discovered NLP – Neurolinguistic repatterning. I learned that my unconscious mind, not my conscious mind, controls most of what I think and feel. The same way that my unconscious mind tells me to pull my hand away from fire, it also sets off old unwanted thoughts and emotional reactions to situations I encounter every day. NLP promised to help me uncover and eliminate these negative emotions – and put in place empowering, positive thoughts and emotions that would attract greater success in all areas of my life – through a process of hypnosis and thought repatterning.

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I know it all seems too simple and easy. You’re probably thinking, why haven’t I heard of this before? I understand. Those were my thoughts too, at first. But I was willing to try just about anything to feel relief, to think more positively, and to feel better. All I can say is, I’ve experienced NLP – a unique way to change those unconscious thoughts and feelings – and it worked, quickly. NLP and hypnosis allowed me to overcome chronic major depression and debilitating allergies.


I’ve made many discoveries since then. I learned how to take control, how to empower myself and how to live my true and deep desires. I’m a successful trial attorney, a committed family mediator and a dedicated life coach, each with the same purpose: teaching, encouraging, and empowering people to realize their true selves and live the successful lives they are meant to live.


NLP is the perfect solution for me. Among my highest values is to be who I am. NLP and hypnosis have allowed me to remove fears and limitations and to experience the joy and freedom to be who I really am and to live my highest potential. These techniques have shifted me from the frustration of longstanding problems to satisfaction by creating new levels of achievement, success and wealth. I found the opportunities with these techniques to be so profound that I certified as a coach and am now committed to helping others achieve their greatest desires through this empowering process. I want everyone I know to experience that joy and freedom and to experience the relief of releasing old fears and limitations and to live who they really are as a happy and successful person.